Controls & Software

We use lighting controls from LG Lighting in the systems we deploy. Using the controls we can deliver the correct amount of light where it is needed and when it is needed. Lights can automatically turn on/off or dim at set times or under set conditions, and users can have control over their own lighting levels to provide optimal working conditions.

Scheduling - Turn on/off and dim lights at specified times during the day, for example, automatically turn lights on at the start of business hours, and off after workers leave at night.

Occupancy sensors - Can detect when a room is occupied to automatically turn lights on when someone enters and off (or dim) shortly after they leave.

Daylight harvesting - Use photosensors to detect levels of natural lighting, and automatically dim lights when sunlight is streaming into windows. This reduces energy use and provides consistent lighting levels.

Demand response - Utility companies frequently offer their customers incentives to encourage them to reduce energy consumption, especially at times of peak usage or when retail energy prices are high. Lighting control solutions can automatically respond to these events and reduce energy consumed by lighting to pre-set levels.

LG Lighting provides a wireless-embedded system, which users can control wirelessly by simply inserting a compact communication dongle into the driver. By adopting ZigBee®, an open wireless protocol, the system not only works seamlessly with devices that use the same protocol, but also integrates with the control systems of other solution providers.

We also use the LG Sensor Connect system in applications where remote management is needed.